Corporate Profile

Naxos Rent A Car, AutoTour operates on the island of Naxos, Greece, since 1990. Equipped with a large cars rental fleet and following the norms of an environmentally sensitive business firm, our customers:

  • Enjoy trips in contemporary and safe cars
  • Enjoy high quality service
  • Offset carbon emissions

Environmental sustainability is our main concern.

Naxos Island features a rare ecosystem that we love. Our credo promotes initiative towards eco-friendly solutions –that’s an innovation for Greek car rental services!

We’ve set the goal and the schedule to replace our existing car fleet with hybrid technology vehicles, thus contributing directly to CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission elimination.

We are the trustworthy and responsible car rental company on the island of Naxos.

Whether you are searching for a vehicle for leisure or business, we have a range of rental cars to suit your needs for a relaxing vacation and business travel.

All our cars are new and available in excellent mechanical condition.

For a relaxing vacation and sight seeing attraction in Naxos we provide only new cars with excellent mechanical condition. Before every rental we go through cleaning and safety checks of all our cars by experienced mechanical engineers. For better traveling experience we have been constantly updating our cars.

Using the NaxosRentACar service is the easiest, most comfortable and pleasant way to explore the magical islands of Naxos in a group or individual. Our aim is to provide you hassle free services which offer you a leisure stay at Naxos.

Visit our office at the port of Naxos town, across the main pier.